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Fun Facts about India

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

As you know, India is one of the hottest markets in the world. Here are some fun facts about India.



  • India is Ranked third-largest economy and fastest-growing economy internationally with a current growth rate- 7.9%.

  • Among the 877 million working people, 65% of the population is between the age group 15-64yr. Thus, India to become the youngest nation with a current median age of 28.4yr.

  • 2nd largest internet users Current- 455 million.

  • 2nd largest road network of 5.4 million KM.

  • 3rd largest power generation with a capacity of 368.8 GW.

  • 4th largest railway network with a capacity of more than 23 million people travelling per day.

  • 6th largest food & grocery market all over the world; food grain production touched 276 million tones.

  • In global competitiveness report ranked 68th among 141 countries.

  • Global Innovation Index jumps five places and reached 52nd rank.

  • Jump by seven positions in UNTAD e-commerce from 80th in 2018 to 73rd in 2019.

  • The retail market ranked 2nd in GRDI, expected to grow to US$ 1.4 trillion by 2021.


India’s incredible progress in doing business rankings over the past three years is a tremendous achievement, especially for a complex and bureaucratic economy. The constant emphasis on improving business reforms at the central and state levels had made significant improvements. The focus now needs to be on continuing this move to continue and upgrade its ranking.


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